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We Need Better Healthcare Now More than Ever

COVID-19 has been on everyone’s minds for the past couple of months. This virus has filled the news cycles. Stores closed. Gyms closed. Restaurants closed. Major sporting events were cancelled. Social distancing has occurred. The virus spread across all 50 states and the deaths continued to rise. Most people haven’t seen anything like this occur in their lifetimes.

During this time, people were not getting proper access to COVID-19 tests. Hospitals were worried about being too full. People were worried about going to the doctor with symptoms, if they had no insurance.
This virus only helped exposed the problems within our current healthcare system.

Right now, Medicare Advantage is the most popular health plan in the United States. A Trump Medicare Advantage For All Americans (TMA), especially the 28 Million uninsured and low-wage workers, along with an integral health and wellness program, will lower our National Healthcare GDP by $1.3 Trillion Dollars in the first two years. This will ultimately reduce our National Health Care GDP from 18% to 12% by eliminating half the cost of chronic illness.

Not only will Medicare Advantage save money, but it will help more people have health insurance. We can reduce the chronic disease risk by transforming our medical care regimen and improving our health.
To improve the health of the general public, employees, and businesses, the Trump Medicare Advantage plan can create a wellness culture that provides supportive environments where health can emerge as a national priority, and provides access and opportunities for people to engage in a variety of health programs. This includes coverage for YMCA and gym memberships, personal trainers, and weight loss programs. We advocate providing coverage for vital vitamin supplements that are known to improve the function of our immune systems and alleviate symptoms of serious illnesses and cancer.

At Medicare-Advantage-For-All.Com, we advocate for better health insurance. The insurance industry and the federal government can do a lot more. We need changes in the laws, reimbursement practices, insurance contracts, and government regulations. Imagine if your doctor was calling you for an appointment? Imagine if your doctor was able rewarded for keeping you healthy not just treating you when you Are sick!

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