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Medicare Advantage Ahead

We Americans Are Dying We Need Better Healthcare

We are seeing shorter lifespans and declining birth rates in the United States. In December, candidate Andrew Yang commented on the life span issue on Democratic Debate stage. In a recent study done by UC Berkeley, in the seven years ending 2017, they identified 33,000 what they called “excess deaths”. These were productive Americans cut down in their prime working years. This could be you or me! The life spans of all Americans between the ages of 25 and 64 declined. We need to take care of our health, and we can no longer accept that the government can take care of our health.

As Americans, we spend more money on health care than any other nation. With all this spending, you would think that our health would be “better” than any other nation and it is NOT! We have shorter and declining life spans, more of our babies are dying prematurely and we suffer from the highest rates of chronic illness in the world. People are dying because our health care system is failing us. Our health care system is cheating us. We are paying more and getting less back.


We need to accept the fact that our government is failing us with health care. Neither political party has been able to create a health insurance system that really works. The failure of our health insurance system and the deteriorating health of the American people are directly related!

The Democrat bills before Congress on “Medicare for all” are popular among the progressive American electorate but not so popular with several of the Democratic Presidential hopefuls or the leadership in the House and Senate. Unfortunately, Bernie Sanders originally estimated that the 10-year cost of his program was $32.6 Trillion Dollar. Now he says he doesn’t know how much it will cost. Obviously, now he thinks it will actually cost a lot more than he originally estimated. Elizabeth Warren estimates her plan will cost $52 Trillion Dollars. President Donald Trump, speaking at his Kansas Rally in 2018, claimed that if Congress were to enact the “Medicare for all” program today, it would “… eviscerate our beautiful Medicare Advantage Program…”

A universal Medicare for all plan would certainly be the beginning of the end of the Medicare program as we know it, for the almost 60 Million voting seniors, who are enrolled. The Medicare Trust Fund will be 100% GONE by 2026!

We cannot substantially improve the health of the American people until we adopt health insurance programs that really work! Many experts believe Obamacare will be declared unconstitutional in 2020 and since the Medicare Trust will also be bankrupt in just 6 years later, this is an ideal time for us to modernize Medicare and lower the cost of health care in the United States.

We can modernize Medicare with Medicare Advantage. A properly designed Medicare Advantage for All plan could reduce our NHC-GDP by $1.3 Trillion Dollars, to 12% of total GDP, by reducing or eliminating just half of our chronic illness. And, that would be just the beginning.

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