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Top 10 Things Medicare-Advantage-For All Can Do for People

Medicare-Advantage-For-All plans (MAA) can deliver an American health care system capable of achieving affordable and accessible health care for every American.

This program will be designed to attract the young and middle-aged Americans that have not been able to take advantage of Obamacare. We envision these plans to be offered right along-side the ACA/Obamacare plans, which currently only cover 8.4 Million participants. All residents of the U.S., who are not eligible for (or covered by) other health insurance, will be able to participate in these new MAA plans. The MAA Plans should be especially attractive to students, low wage workers, and all the other people who comprise the 30 Million uninsured Americans, who cannot afford to buy ACA health insurance.

For this blog post, we wanted to share the top 10 things that Medicare-Advantage-For-All can do for the people. Remember, Medicare-Advantage-for-All Americans and the ACA (Affordable Care Act) are OK together. Obamacare can co-exist with Medicare-Advantage-for-All Americans. There is no need to repeal the ACA.

  1. “Medicare Advantage for All” (MAA) will focus on covering the 30 Million uninsured and the ACA’s.
  2. MAA will cost less per person than the ACA. The federal government, the taxpayers and the program participants will all save money.
  3. The program will be insured, underwritten, and administered by skilled health insurance experts with a proven track record for effectively delivering insurance programs “that work” for the American people.
  4. Medicare-Advantage-for-All Americans will incorporate all the Conservative Principles for Health Reform, being grounded in the free market with smaller government administration and no unnecessary insurance mandates and regulations.
  5. The MAA structure will be designed for and be naturally receptive to the federal government’s ability to effectively contain, control, and reduce health care costs and prescription drugs nationwide.
  6. MAA will know no state boundaries. Multiple carriers will offer uniform programs in all states and municipalities and have a dedicated and coordinated focus on improving the physical, mental health, and well-being of the American people, thereby increasing their productivity.
  7. Medicare-Advantage-for-All Americans will develop specific affordable health insurance products designed to cover the growing low-wage working population in America. These programs will effectively integrate the primary care offered by our national Community Health Centers Network and Rural Health providers with tertiary health care for this underserved population in a CHCHP Program.
  8. MAA will correspond to and coordinate with constructive Medicaid modernization and expansion programs and will make it possible for the United States to achieve near 100% insurability of all American residents.
  9. MAA will allow maximum use of Health Savings Accounts and provide tax credits and premium subsidies to those Americans least able to afford health insurance due to their incomes.
  10. Congress will fund MAA in their across-the-board re-structuring of the Medicare Trust Funds. All arbitrary ACA taxes on certain businesses or certain taxpayers must be repealed, including the Cadillac taxes, investment income taxes, health insurance taxes and medical device taxes, which only hit select businesses and American households.

President Obama described ACA as a wealth transfer. MAA is a deliberate Health Insurance Reform for all Americans.

“Medicare Advantage for All Americans” will the United States to show-case a public-private partnership that will deliver a health care system capable of achieving affordable access for every American.

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