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The Facts on the Medicare Advantage for All Healthcare Plan and Movement

At, our passion is to make Medicare Advantage a program for all Americans to have access. Medicare Advantage for all will deliver comprehensive cost-effective health insurance for all Americans. The Medicare-Advantage-for-All will be a Defined Contribution health plan designed to be less expensive than Medicare and most ACA programs. Medicare Advantage costs less than original Medicare and is currently the most popular health insurance program in America.

A properly designed Medicare-Advantage-For-All plan will showcase our unique public-private partnership and it can deliver a True American health care system capable of achieving affordability and accessibility for every American citizen. We believe President Trump can get this plan into action!

Here’s some details about what we’re proposing with the Medicare-Advantage-For-All plan:
Medicare-Advantage-For-All will work alongside the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

  • Medicare-Advantage-For-All will be available to young and middle-aged Americans, the 8.4 Million ACA participants, students, low wage workers, and all the people who comprise the 30 Million uninsured Americans, who are currently unwilling or unable to buy health insurance.
  • Medicare-Advantage-For-All will cost less per person than Obamacare and the fee-for-service Medicare.
    The program will be underwritten, insured and administered by competing health plans with risk-based capitation reimbursement. The health plans will work together with integrated networks of providers that have a proven track record for effectively delivering health care and health insurance.
  • Medicare-Advantage-For-All will incorporate the Heritage Foundations Conservative Principles for Health Reform.
  • The rating of Medicare-Advantage-For-All Americans will require the cohesive use of the collective buying power of the federal government to effectively contain, control and reduce health care and Rx costs nationwide.
  • Medicare-Advantage-For-All Americans will know no state boundaries, even as the carriers will all be subject to state insurance regulations for licensing.
  • The carriers for Medicare Advantage-For-All will be required to have integral health and wellness programs with a dedicated focus on improving the physical and mental health and well-being of the American people and increasing their productivity in the workplace and in their communities.
  • Medicare-Advantage-For-All will be required to offer a special low-cost comprehensive program for the growing number of low-wage workers in the United States in conjunction with the National Association of Community Health Centers.
  • Medicare-Advantage-For-All will correspond to and coordinate with constructive Medicaid work rules and Medicaid expansion plans and make it seamlessly easier for people to get off the Medicaid rolls. The goal will be for the United States to achieve near 100% participation of all citizens that want to be insured in this True American way and who are willing to buy affordable health insurance.
  • Medicare-Advantage-For-All will allow maximum use of Health Savings Accounts and provide tax credits and premium subsidies to those Americans who are least able to afford health insurance due to their incomes.
  • Congress will fund Medicare-Advantage-For-All Americans with an across-the-board re-structuring of the Medicare Trust Funds. All arbitrary ACA taxes on certain businesses or certain taxpayers must be repealed, including all Cadillac taxes, investment income taxes, health insurance taxes, and medical device taxes which only hit select businesses and American households.

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