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The Benefits of Medicare-Advantage-For-All

A properly designed Medicare-Advantage-For-All plan will showcase our unique public-private partnership and how it can deliver a true American health care system capable of achieving affordable and accessible for every American citizen.

We are striving to make the United States the first successful industrialized nation to develop a private sector health care market that is capable of offering all Americans the tremendous benefits of well-paying employment, cutting-edge technology, breakthrough pharmacology, and the most advanced capability to treat illness and preserve health that the world has ever known

If Americans come together to support Medicare-Advantage-For-All, it is one way to fix our broken health insurance system and not throw the Baby Out with the Bath Water.

Bernie Sanders is currently campaigning to give everyone “Traditional Medicare for All”. His S. 1129, has 14 co-sponsors in the Senate. At Medicare-Advantage-For-All.Com, we liked Bernie’s idea of involving the Secretary so much, we developed our own Draft Senate Bill asking the Secretary of Health and Human Services to use the resources of his Department to come up with a program and report back to Congress on it, so that it can be debated and acted on in a timely fashion.

Sanders’ proposal for extending Medicare for All is soundly criticized by Republicans as being too expensive. Republicans believe his proposal will cost the nation $32.6 Trillion Dollars over the first 10 years, and they are probably right. Since our national debt is now only $20.7 Trillion Dollars, the idea of doubling down on the national debt is not going to pass, while Republicans control the Senate and the White House.

Medicare Advantage (MA- Medicare Part C) however, has broad bipartisan support in Congress. The current MA program appeals to both sides of the aisle for good reasons. It extends Medicare Advantage coverage to all persons over the age of 65 without any pre-existing condition exclusions and in most cases, without the any need to pay premiums out of pocket.

If we are successful in getting Medicare Advantage plans re-engineered and extended to all Americans:

  • It would not require market stabilization funds and the 3R Risk abatement programs and the CSR payments.
  • It would eliminate the need for special federal and state funding to support the marketplace exchanges.
  • It would continue to use capitation financing (which is the very basis of the Republicans previously proposed Medicaid reforms).
  • It would not require insurance carriers to raise their rates in order to expand services under the inflationary 80 – 85 Percent federal Loss Ratio requirements.
  • It will cost a lot less than the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In 2015, if we had purchased high-quality health insurance for all the ACA participants and paid all the premiums in full, we would have saved the American Tax payers well over $60 Billion Dollars.


  • It would eliminate the need for selective taxes by establishing an equitable funding base that doesn’t single out Wall Street or the health insurance companies that we are relying on to administer the program in a cost-effective manner for the benefit of the American people.

We must successfully convince the Democrats and the Republicans that Medicare Part C is the “Best Answer to Repeal and Replace Obamacare.” We ask all the members of the 116th Congress in both political Parties and their staffs to support this program. We direct them to read our website, our proposals, and the more detailed “The Best Bi-Partisan Answer to Repeal and Replace Obamacare,” which was hand-delivered to many of their D.C. offices in 2017. We have sent them the Fifth Edition of True American to all of them, which you can download under True American.

We hope you become a supporter of our effort.

We want you to become a supporter. Here’s how: You can download our Membership Application and complete it with your contact information and send it to us with your financial support or you can complete the Pay Pal Credit card authorization. Tell us whether you would like to be listed as a supporter on this website or remain confidential, and if we can count on you to be an Advocate.

We welcome any level of taxable (non-tax deductible) financial support with which you feel comfortable.

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