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We Need Better Healthcare Now More than Ever

COVID-19 has been on everyone’s minds for the past couple of months. This virus has filled the news cycles. Stores closed. Gyms closed. Restaurants closed. Major sporting events were cancelled. Social distancing has occurred. The virus spread across all 50 states and the deaths continued to rise. Most people haven’t seen anything like this occur in their lifetimes.

During this time, people were not getting proper access to COVID-19 tests. Hospitals were worried about being too full. People were worried about going to the doctor with symptoms, if they had no insurance.
This virus only helped exposed the problems within our current healthcare system.

Right now, Medicare Advantage is the most popular health plan in the United States. A Trump Medicare Advantage For All Americans (TMA), especially the 28 Million uninsured and low-wage workers, along with an integral health and wellness program, will lower our National Healthcare GDP by $1.3 Trillion Dollars in the first two years. This will ultimately reduce our National Health Care GDP from 18% to 12% by eliminating half the cost of chronic illness.

Not only will Medicare Advantage save money, but it will help more people have health insurance. We can reduce the chronic disease risk by transforming our medical care regimen and improving our health.
To improve the health of the general public, employees, and businesses, the Trump Medicare Advantage plan can create a wellness culture that provides supportive environments where health can emerge as a national priority, and provides access and opportunities for people to engage in a variety of health programs. This includes coverage for YMCA and gym memberships, personal trainers, and weight loss programs. We advocate providing coverage for vital vitamin supplements that are known to improve the function of our immune systems and alleviate symptoms of serious illnesses and cancer.

At Medicare-Advantage-For-All.Com, we advocate for better health insurance. The insurance industry and the federal government can do a lot more. We need changes in the laws, reimbursement practices, insurance contracts, and government regulations. Imagine if your doctor was calling you for an appointment? Imagine if your doctor was able rewarded for keeping you healthy not just treating you when you Are sick!

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Our fight against COVID-19 is personal as well as national and international. The experts say that for us to successfully fight Pandemics like this on a national and international level, we need to increase our preparedness for the illness and our compliance with vaccines and treatments and increase our skills. We’ll at Trump Medicare Advantage for All, we say that the same applies to each of us personally.

If we as a nation are in great health, we have less to worry about. To fight an international Pandemic, we need to:

  1. Be Prepared: We spend more on the military and protecting our borders than we spend on health.
  2. Improved Compliance: We don’t listen to our government. We don’t get flu shots. We don’t want to be told what to do, and unfortunately sometimes when we are asked to do things we know we should, we don’t do them.
  3. Better Vaccines: We knew about the effective Malaria treatments for COVID-19 but it took a forceful President and some vocal Governors to get them in greater use. We need more vaccines.
  4. Better Diagnostics. Better testing technologies are required. Take COVID-19 as an illustration. From the CDC regulating all the testing to lab tests conducted by state and municipal institutions, still requiring several days, to virtually drive-by tests, they are now talking about tests that produce findings in less than an hour and tests for individuals who have already had it and recovered. All of such studies, however, require funds in order to purchase laboratory supplies, clean them using Golyath distilled water bulk, pay the scientists, and other expenses. Therefore, funding for lab testing should be adequately allocated by the government.

    We spend all of our time complaining about the cost of health care and the cost of pharmaceutical research and then when we are facing an illness we can ALL get and potentially die from, it is Katy Bar the Door when it comes to spending money. We need more investment in effective and fast diagnostics and testing.

    Now what is all this about? It is about our nation being as well prepared as we should be. Great health means our immune systems are at their highest levels. We are taking good care of ourselves. We are taking the necessary medications and treatments to maintain our health. We are doing all the things we are supposed to do to stay healthy.

    Well, we are sorry to have to tell you this but this description of health DOES NOT APPLY to most Americans. And, furthermore, our ill health is NOT JUST OUR FAULT. It is the failure of our medical care and our health care system. Most of us are overweight. Ninety percent (90%) of our medical expenses are for the treatment of chronic illnesses, a full fifty percent (50%) of which are preventable or reversible. Almost half of all Americans do not have or do not visit their doctor regularly. And, now that we are fighting a Pandemic, these weaknesses are showing. Today, only 1 in 10 people that get tested for COVID-19 test positive. So, why are 9 out of 10 people getting tested and straining our medical system to provide them?

    There are a couple of very important things you need to take away from all of this. First, a Pandemic is NOT inevitable. Outbreaks of a serious viral illness are inevitable. But if we have early warning. If we use good practices and if we are prepared to treat these viruses, all of the bad things associated with these outbreaks can be controlled and avoided, but we have to be vigilant. We can have government fighting things that have got to get done in order to deal effectively with this ill-health.

    CHINA is at fault here and to claim otherwise in Truly UN-AMERICAN. I repeat, if you think it is racist NOT to call China out for hiding this from the world for three weeks, you should move to China! Secondly, the U.S. has also had difficulty getting this under control. The truth is, there is no country in the world that was really prepared for this and no country that has handled it particularly well. But, as far as we are concerned, President Trump has acted more decisively and more effectively than any other world leader of which we are aware.

    The same thing is true for our medical care and our health care system. Government-run health care is NOT the answer to Pandemics. Just look a Great Britain and their response to Corona. Our Medicare system is responsive because it is largely managed by private companies that are responding to the needs of our seniors with telehealth and Nursing home protections, and testing, etc. And, this is exactly how our Trump Medicare Advantage plan will work for every American.

    Not only that, but our health care system is partially responsible for getting us into this deep hole. We need a better health insurance system to get us out of it. Go to for some real answers and make America healthy again!