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Support the Medicare Advantage for All Movement

We believe that Medicare Advantage will help fix the healthcare problem in American. Our passion is to make the current Medicare Advantage a program an option for all Americans. We also believe President Trump is the person who can make this plan happen.

We are promoting “Making America Healthy Again,” because we are currently not a healthy nation! With the amount of money we spend on health care, we deserve better! We deserve the highest quality healthcare at the lowest cost possible.

There is strength in numbers and with your support, you can help our voice to be heard and enable us to pass the Trump Medicare Advantage Plan, which will improve the health and financial security of all Americans. It will give immediate access to the best health care in the world at the lowest possible cost for every single American citizen that wants it. The uninsured and low-wage workers are vulnerable and this plan will be able to help them.
Who are we? We are a movement of true Americans advocating the continuation and enhancement of traditional Medicare for those residents over the age of 65 and the disabled and the extension of Medicare Advantage to everyone. Trump is going to be elected for a second term. During that second term, we would like to see the Medicare Advantage Plans re-engineered, taking advantage of all the things we have learned from our collective experience with Wellness programs, and the Affordable Care Act, coupled with the knowledge and the success of our Medicare Advantage plans, to create comprehensive, exciting, viable, affordable, attractive, truly modern  Defined Contribution Trump Medicare Advantage Health Plans For All Americans (TMA).

Visit our – this website furthers our goal by re-publishing articles and research, notices and alerts addressing the efficacy of Medicare Advantage For All and effectively communicating this information to our primary audiences, which include members of Congress, key congressional staff members, the White House, including policymakers in the executive branch, academics, and D.C. think-tanks, policy wonks, the media and our loyal members.

Our Supporters are a diverse group of people representing citizens, organizations, businesses, and health care providers and a bipartisan group of politicians in Congress, who support our Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Part C and its enhancement.

We also appreciate the support of many insurance companies, managed care providers and employers that currently deliver more than 2,000 Medicare Advantage plans to 22+ Million Medicare Advantage (MA) seniors and disabled beneficiaries every day. We enjoy considerable support from the hard-working Americans, who are (or want to be) MA beneficiaries themselves in the future.

Want to join us? Here’s how you can become a supporter. To support and join this movement, you can download our Membership Application and complete it with your contact information and send it to us with your financial support or just complete the Pay Pal Credit card authorization on Become A Supporter page on our web site.
For more information on the Medicare-Advantage-For-All plan and the movement, visit our Medicare Advantage For All plan page, call us at 1-888-683-3719 or email us at: