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RED AND BLUE STATE COVID DEATHS- If you live in a Blue State with a Democratic Governor, you are 4.5 times more likely to die of COVID! Or put it another way, a Blue state is going to have 81 more deaths per 100 citizens than Red states. Seems absurd – Right? How could politics have anything to do with it? Every day we are inundated with numbers of increasing cases, increasing deaths and dire predictions. And, this drumbeat is likely to accelerate between now and the November elections. I was surprised to discover that living in a Blue State entailed so much more personal risk.

I looked at 14 of our larger states, 7 with Democrat governors (95.4 Million- NY,CA,NJ,MA,PA,CT & LA) and 7 with Republican governors (90.0 Million– FL,TX,AR,WI,GA,TN & OH). I divided the actual total COVID Deaths in each of these states by their total populations, as of 7/20/2020. I  then averaged the ratios for all of the Blue Democrat states and then all the Red Republican states. And, the average for all the states with Democrat governors was 4.5 times higher than the average for the states governed by Republican governors, each group of states having approximately the same total populations? If I reduce the averages to deaths to reflect per 100 citizens, the Blue states have 81 more deaths per 100 citizens that the Red states.

Go figure! How does anyone explain that difference? We are talking about relatively the same number of Americans in quite different geographic areas. And, Yes, NY was included on the Blue side but also CA. On the red side, AR, Florida and Texas hot spots were also included.

So, the next time you hear the mainstream media complaining about Red starts not requiring masks and Blue states protesting without masks, now you have something else to think about. Bottom line – the citizens of Blue states have more problems. They not only have a huge differential in violence, protests and unrest in Blue states run by elected Democrat Governors, but even more alarmingly, their citizens have an exponentially higher chance of dying from COVID-19. It affects you, even if you are not personally out there on the streets protesting! Be safe America!