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Medicare Advantage Vs. Obamacare

Medicare Advantage (MA) is the most popular health plan in America. Its enrollment exceeds 22 million Americans, which is well over twice the number of ACA (Obamacare) participants. MA is the fastest growing health insurance plan – thousands of new members get added daily. Meanwhile, Obamacare is the most expensive health plan in the world.

In 2015, the ACA cost eclipsed the annual per member cost of the Medicare Advantage plans (and Traditional Medicare) by over 35%. The per member cost of Obamacare far exceeds the benefits being provided to the American taxpayers and the unsubsidized American citizens paying for the program. In 2015, the annual cost/benefit per member cost $13,198 while it cost $9,719 for MA. Also, in 2015, 9.1 million had Obamacare while 17.8 million had MA.

The ACA has been the most expensive federal health insurance program in American history. Over and above the cost of the 3R’s: risk corridor, risk adjustment and reinsurance funding, the CSR payments and the cost of the federal and state marketplace exchange operations; not including all of that, the remaining annual per member cost of the ACA program exceeded that of the traditional Medicare Fee-for-Service program, which is a real feat.

MA health insurance plans are vastly more comprehensive than the affordable ACA benefit plans. MA’s exceed traditional Medicare’s equivalent comprehensive benefits with RX and wellness benefits, reasonable deductibles and in most jurisdictional counties, a zero dollar (0) out-of-pocket premium for the beneficiaries. The ACA health plans are generally the opposite, having multiple thousand-dollar deductibles, high out-of-pocket expenses and generally expensive and inflationary premiums for those, who do not qualify for federal subsidies.

The ACA was an inflationary program from the very start. In 2014, the Bureau of Economic Research documented a 24.4% increase in non-group premiums that would not have happened without the ACA. Between 2013 and 2017, ACA exchange premiums increased on average 105% and the annual cost of Silver-tier plans, which are used to calculate the federal subsidies were up again in 2018 by 32%.

This increase has been of great concern to Republicans running for re-election in the midterms. The ACA has not increased health plan affordability, competition in the marketplace or documented any remarkable cost containment. Medicare Advantage programs, on the other hand, have demonstrated substantial savings over the cost and quality of the traditional Fee-for-Service Medicare program that Democrats would like to extend to everybody.

If you’re interested in Medicare Advantage or would prefer this as an option to Obamacare, we need your support.

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