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Medicare-Advantage-for-All: What We Believe

Medicare Advantage is the most popular health insurance program in America. It covers over 22 Million Americans with comprehensive health insurance that is affordable and accessible to all American citizens over the age of 65.

Medicare Advantage plans are comprehensive health insurance programs that replace traditional Medicare, limit out-of-pocket medical expenses, and give beneficiaries a sensible alternative to Medicare. This is less costly, equivalent in quality and value and provides the financial security required by the American people compared to traditional Medicare.

Medicare-Advantage-For-All can be designed to provide these very same benefits to all Americans. To make the Medicare program available to all Americans, we have to make it more affordable, so that every American can take advantage of it without sending our country into bankruptcy.

What we believe:

  • We Americans deserve better health and better health insurance. Our federal government has both the knowledge and the necessary resources to improve the perilous health condition of the American people. There is NO better solution to our problems than a Medicare Advantage plan for all Americans.
  • The human suffering and the loss of productivity is having a serious and deleterious impact on the ability of the American people to compete with China and Japan and other nations in the world economy.
  • The high cost of health care in America can be reduced to a world competitive GDP level with a properly designed health plan that includes an integral health and wellness program. This can only be created and delivered under the supervision of the federal Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Health and wellness are the most important ingredients to create a cost-effective Medicare-Advantage-For-All program.
  • We must work with all our representatives in Congress to immediately extend Medicare Advantage to every American!

How can you help? To support and join this movement, you can download our Medicare Advantage Membership Application and complete it with your contact information and send it to us with your financial support or just complete the Pay Pal Credit card authorization on the About and Become A Supporter Pages on our web site.

For more information on the Medicare-Advantage-For-All plan and the movement, visit our Medicare-Advantage-For-All plan page or our Medicare Advantage Facebook page, call us at 1-888-683-3719 or contact our email us at: