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Medicare advantage for all

Medicare Advantage for All – Financing and Support

Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) has broad bipartisan support in Congress. 293 members of the 116th House of Representatives and a majority of Senators have acted in support of the program. The current program appeals to both sides of the aisle for good reasons. Why? It extends comprehensive Medicare Advantage health insurance benefits for All retirees over the age of 65 without any pre-existing condition exclusions, and in most cases without the need to pay any premiums out of pocket. It is a proper insurance plan in the traditional sense, in that the health insurance carriers take the risk. Expanding the program to cover those under age 65 with a Medicare Advantage for All (MAA) program can save the federal government and the tax payers a lot of money if we adopt an integral Wellness and Well Being program to bring an end to the prevalence of chronic illness in America. We can save $ Trillions of Dollars and put the medical expense of our economy on level paling field with the other industrialized nations of the world.

If we are successful in getting Medicare Advantage plans re-engineered and extended to all Americans, it would not require federal Obamacare style market stabilization funds and the 3R Risk abatement programs or the CSR benefits. Medicare-Advantage-For-All will eliminate the need for special federal and state funding to support the marketplace exchanges. It would continue to use capitation financing, which was the previously proposed Medicaid reforms and is recommended by the block grant approach of the RSC Affordable Health Plan. MAA would NOT require insurance carriers to raise their rates in order to expand services under the inflationary 80 to 85 percent loss ration requirements. Carriers will have the benefit of competition in providing benefits to the American people.

When we extend MAA to everyone, it will cost a lot less than ACA. In 2015, if we had purchased high-quality health insurance for ACA participants and paid all the premiums, we would have saved well over 60 Billion Dollars. Current Medicare Advantage plans cost less than the ACA plans, and if we re-engineer MA properly, we will be saving lots of money on an MAA option for under age 65 participants. In addition, we would eliminate the need for selective taxes by establishing a more equitable and American funding base.

We must not forget the Medicare Advantage is a known quantity among Americans. We will ne be able to successfully reform our health care system within out broad bipartisan support with the general electorate. The United States has made great strides toward the goal of making affordable health insurance available to everybody, but our current Congressional efforts are detracting from this progress. ACA did not do the job. It did not attract the majority of the uninsured. It turned into a small give-away program for a lot of people with serious health risks. Medicare Part C, which has been successful for 20 years, will do what both political parties are striving to achieve within the ample framework laid out by the RSC.

As an MAA supporter, you will be helping our efforts to convince the 116th Congress to put aside their partisan politics and take up the care of the health and well-being of the people.

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