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medicare advantage for all

Medicare Advantage For All and the RSC Health Care Plan Fit Like a Glove

The RSC Health Plan is a framework for personalized, affordable care. As a framework, it is designed to support programs that successfully fit into the purposes for which it is designed, principally making health insurance more affordable and more accessible to the American people. Medicare-Advantage-For-All (MAA) fits right into this framework. Not only does MAA fit well in the framework, it enhances the personalized aspect of the RSC Plan by promoting an integrative approach to medical care that is predictive, preventive and personalized (PPPM) and driven by quality outcomes. The PPPM approach effectively reverses and, in some cases, even eliminates chronic illness which, according to the CDC, accounts for 90% of our annual medical costs in the United States. PPPM in conjunction with and integral Wellness & Well Being program have the potential to reduce the national annual cost of health care (and health insurance) by Trillions of Dollars.

The RSC Plan calls for expanding access to innovative care (p. 45). Quoting the Plan Document, “Most Americans would agree that the best way to improve access to care is to increase the scope of affordable care options available.” Barack Obama alluded to this when he was a presidential candidate in the 2008 election. He said, “I believe the problem is not that folks are trying to avoid getting health care. The problem is they cannot afford it.” This is confirmed by the Kaiser Family Foundation in their studies on the reasons why, so few people opt to buy into the Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) programs.

The RSC Plan assumes lawmakers will seek to explore and promote innovative ways for delivering care to individuals at affordable prices. And, there is no better way of doing that than promoting the Medicare-Advantage-For-All program with an integral Wellness & Well Being component. In their Plan document, the RSC promotes Direct Primary Care Plans, Health Care Sharing Ministries, Association Health Plans, Special Health Risk programs and Short-Term Health Plans. It is not lost on us that Medicare Advantage is the most popular health insurance program in American. A proper MAA program that can be effectively extended to All Americans is the best way to promote comprehensive and affordable health insurance in America. We can secure substantial health savings, not just through tax advantages but also with capitation, a Wellness and Well Being program supervised by HHS and quality outcomes through PPPM. Medicare Advantage For All fits the RSC Plan like a glove.