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Join the Movement: Medicare-Advantage-For-All

Interested and serious about lowering the high cost of health care, while getting higher quality medical care? We are too! Therefore, we started Medicare-Advantage-For-All.Com. We are a grassroots political advocacy and educational movement on a mission to promote the highest quality, True American health plan for the lowest possible cost.

Medicare Advantage is the most popular health plan in the United States. It now covers over 22.6 Million Americans over age 65. We would like to see the Medicare Advantage Plans re-engineered and extended to everyone. Our federal government has the ability and the knowledge to lower our National Healthcare GDP by $1.3 Trillion Dollars. The things that they have learned from our collective experience with the Affordable Care Act coupled with the knowledge and the success of our Medicare Advantage plans, will enable them to create comprehensive, exciting, viable, affordable, attractive Defined Contribution Medicare Advantage health plans for all Americans.

Medicare-Advantage-for-All will deliver comprehensive cost-effective health insurance for all Americans. Our current Medicare Advantage program works for seniors and it works for taxpayers! Traditional Medicare is too expensive and extending it to every American, even on a buy-in basis, is not going to improve our health nor lower the cost! The Medicare Advantage, on the other hand, is a Defined Contribution health plan designed to be less expensive than Medicare. It costs less and is currently the most popular health insurance program in America. We can save over $1.3 trillion dollars and lower our National Health Care GDP to 12% by eliminating half our chronic illness with a properly designed Medicare-Advantage-For-All plan that includes an integral health and wellness program supervised by the Department of Health and Human Services.

The Democrat “Medicare for All” legislation and our Medicare-Advantage-For-All “draft” Senate Bill are compatible, and the American people must get our political leaders in Congress to combine them right now. Medicare is running out of money (bankrupt in 2026). Also, our international businesses cannot successfully compete in world markets unless our national Healthcare GDP is competitive with the other nations with whom we compete. Currently the U.S. is about 8% higher than the average.

With the support of people like yourself, we can enable legislation and government action to improve the health and financial security of all Americans, ensuring immediate access to the best health care in the world at the lowest possible cost. Congress has enjoyed this type of plan for themselves and 8 Million other civil servants for decades.

Our goal with is to effectively communicate this information to our primary audiences, which includes members of Congress, key congressional staff members, the White House, policymakers in the executive branch, academics, and D.C. think-tanks, policy wonks, the media and our loyal members. This movement and web site will show you how working together we can improve the health of the American people and lower the cost of our health care.

Who are our supporters?

Our supporters are a diverse group of people representing citizens, organizations, businesses, and health care providers and a bipartisan group of politicians in Congress, who support our Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Part C and its enhancement

Do you want to become a supporter? Here’s how: You can download our Membership Application and complete it with your contact information and send it to us with your financial support or you can complete the Pay Pal Credit card authorization on the web site. Tell us whether you would like to be listed as a supporter or remain confidential and if we can count on you to be an Advocate.

We welcome any level of (non-tax deductible, non-refundable) financial support with which you feel comfortable.

For a Full Individual Membership annual subscription is $35. For Full Group Membership, we ask for an annual subscription of $100. The Group membership opportunity is for organizations, including our physicians, their staffs, health care providers, community health centers, insurance carriers, any private organizations that would qualify for group health insurance coverage, including businesses and managed care providers.

For more information on our membership and Medicare-Advantage-For-All movement, visit our Medicare-Advantage-For-All About  plan page, call us at 1-888-683-3719 or email our Medicare-Advantage-For-All Consultants at