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Every new idea takes time to become a factor in our shared and common understanding of the world. In our world, MEDICARE-ADVANTAGE-FOR-ALL IS AN IDEA THAT’S TIME HAS COME . The author of this article, , Dr. Stuart M. Butler, is a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and former Director of the Center for Innovation at the Heritage Foundation, both prominent and influential policy power houses in DC. With this article, and his support of Medicare-Advantage-For-All, he joins ranks with Steve Forbes, former presidential candidate and head of Forbes Magazine, our healthcare guru, Dr. Oz and George Halvorsen, former CEO of the Kaiser Permanente, one of the first HMO’s and now one of the largest health insurers in the CA, in recognizing the efficacy of this potent solution that we need for meaningful health care reform in the United States. His case is logical and very well reasoned. As we have been saying, it just makes common sense. Medicare Advantage is the fastest growing most successful insurance program we have in the United States. Medicqare advanatge has broad bipartisan support in both bodies of Congress. There is absolutely NO REASON the our governement can’t extend this program to all Americans. This plan is consistent with what President Donald Trump has been advocating. He wants to be the Health Care President. As part of his campaign he will be releasing an Executive Order guarenteeing health insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions. His Order will also pave the way for legislation that he feels will create a framework for meaningful health care reform in the United States. Our Medicare Advanatge For All will be one of the Options that he will support.