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Huge Week for Health Care Politics

The Republican Study Committee released their Stage One health care plan, which outlines the basic structure of the plan they believe should replace Obamacare in 2020. You can download their plan from the Key Documents on this web site. Their plan document t details exactly what went wrong with the ACA and the dynamics that underlie why the Affordable Care Act insurance program are so not affordable. It proposes key tax provisions and administrative changes that will make insurance plans, like Medicare-Advantage-For-All more affordable. Including and most importantly, how their plan will cover everybody with preexisting health conditions. As RSC Chairman Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) said, “We’re going to make things better.”

Thank heavens Mike had some good news to share with us, because Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) unveiled her long awaited estimation of the costs of her Medicare 4 all plan, which was bad news for anyone looking for relief from the high cost of health insurance. Candidate Warren touted the fact that her plan would cost only $52 Billion Dollars over ten years. Her plan was adopted from candidate Bernie Sanders Plan, which was previously estimated to cost only $32.6 Trillion Dollars over ten years. Senator Warren must be planning to pay doctors and hospitals a little more than Bernie’s plan.

Most Americans know that the United States currently has a huge level of debt, which exceeds $20 Trillion Dollars, after all of our expenses. Just the idea of electing a president, who is going to try promote the take-over a functioning health care system that adds that much more debt to the balance sheet is stunning, if not ludicrous. Critics say that trying to transform a multi-payer health care system into a single payer government run Medicare 4 all system is going to cause damage.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve our health care system or the way in which we pay for it. Most Americans that have health insurance are struggling with the cost of it. And, a majority of Americans are concerned about those friends and neighbors that can’t afford it. But, when most people hear about a plan that is going to cost Trillions of Dollars, throw over 2 million Americans out of work and result in the government taking away their health insurance choices, they are at a loss to believe it is an improvement.

Medicare-Advantage-for-All Plans will fit right into the RSC structure of tax and procedural changes. Furthermore, a properly designed program with an integral Health & Wellness component supervised by the Department of Health and Human Services will save Trillions of Dollars starting in year one. Check out our web page on Wellness and Well Being.

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