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How Do You Join the Medicare Advantage for All Movement

What is the Medicare-Advantage-For-All movement? The Medicare-Advantage-For-All.Com (MAA) is a grassroots political advocacy group on a mission to promote Medicare Advantage as the platform for a truly American revolutionary health insurance plan. MAA will enable the restoration of the health, wellness and wellbeing of the American people and do so for the lowest possible cost.

We’d love for you to join us. Your support enables our efforts to have an effect on legislation and government action to improve the health and financial security of all Americans. We want to ensure immediate access to the best health care in the world at the lowest possible cost for every single American citizen that wants it. We are particularly concerned about our country’s most vulnerable citizens, including hard-working low-wage workers and the deserving uninsured, who are most vulnerable and in need of our protection and support.

To help them, we need your support. We have been working for more than four years now to get Washington, D.C. to consider our proposals. And, we have been remarkably successful. The President of the United States has mentioned our proposal in his political rallies. We were successful, along with many others, in restoring funding for the federally qualified Neighborhood Health Centers, effectively delivering primary care to millions of Americans in 1,400 communities throughout the country. And, we have a mini-plan we call the Community Health Center Health Plan (CHCHP) to further extend the benefits of this valuable resource.

Our goal is to raise awareness of the Medicare Advantage For All by making it a more viable political alternative to the progressive Medicare 4 All bills and to the importance of committing our nation to an Apollo style national program that reduces our national health care GDP to the lowest level of all the developed nations of the world by 2030. Already, the Democrats are feeling the public pressure (even from former President Obama) to consider more moderate and realistic health reform proposals in their bids for election in 2020. The Republican House Study Committee has also released a framework within which a Medicare Advantage Plan for All may fit, to create the greatest health plan the world has ever known. It looks like, no matter which party wins the 2020 elections, meaningful legislation before 2021 will be considered.

We have two opportunities for you to become a supporter (Individual and Group). The Individual Supporters, who are Medicare Advantage subscribers, politicians, their staff members, lobbyists and everyone, who has an interest in getting the system right. The Group Supporter are businesses and organization, including our insurance carriers, managed care organizations, private and political organizations, etc. Any group that would qualify for group health insurance coverage can join.

Our goal is to simply be a down-to-earth grassroots political movement, committed to getting this message out there. A comprehensive affordable health insurance for All Americans will only be possible if we are able to improve the health and wellbeing of the American people. We need a new kind of health insurance plan to do that. Humana and other Medicare Advantage plan insurers are showing us the way. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. All we need to do is turn some wheels of governement toward what we have already created. We believe in doing that the old fashion way – by earning it, but we need your help to get the job done!

Besides this blog, our website is loaded with great information on this movement. Our website re-publishes articles and research, notices and alerts addressing the efficacy of Medicare-Advantage-For-All and effectively communicates this information to our primary audiences, which include members of Congress, key congressional staff members, the White House, policymakers in the executive branch, academics, and D.C. think-tanks, policy wonks, the media and our loyal members.

For more information on the Medicare-Advantage-For-All plan and the movement, visit our Medicare-Advantage-For-All plan page, call us at 1-888-683-3719 or email us at:

To support and join this movement, you can download our Membership Application and complete it with your contact information and send it to us with your financial support or just complete the Pay Pal Credit card authorization on the Become A Supporter page on our web site.