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How Can Medicare-Advantage-For-All Fix the System?

We know it can be hard to imagine that there’s something out there right now that can fix our healthcare system…but there is. It’s called Medicare Advantage.  Healthcare should not be about greed and profit-driven health insurance corporations. A national health care plan should be about health care. We had hoped Obamacare would fix the system, but it actually broke the system because of the way tasks were handled, and 30 million Americans are still without health insurance.

Now with Medicare-Advantage, we have an opportunity to do healthcare right this time.

The failure of Obamacare has taught us how to successfully approach the market.

A properly structured business model incentivizes health insurance companies to maintain and improve the health of the American people, as is the case with the Medicare Advantage programs. A properly structured health insurance program that pays carriers a capitation fee, so that the healthier their population gets, the more money they make, helps both them and the American people they serve. Demonizing the industry, especially the not-for-profits (that are helping) and trying to replace them all, is ludicrous.

The reason we have 30 Million Americans without health insurance is largely because they can’t afford the health insurance and we cannot expect the taxpayers to buy it for them. As you know, as a result of the fact that health care is so expensive, the Medicare Trust Fund is just about to run out of money. The real reason the Medicare Trust Fund is running out of money is NOT because of greedy insurance carriers or overpaid health care professionals. A huge contributing factor is that the health condition is of the American people is so Deplorable! Our health status is the main reason that our health care costs are going through the roof.

As Warren Buffet has implied that when the government takes over, it makes matters worse – that is exactly where we are with health insurance today in the United States.

Our proposal for “Medicare-Advantage-For-All plan is all about health care and it is all about the health of the American people – that is what this debate should be about!

The traditional Medicare program is NOT affordable, partly because of the deplorable health condition of the American people and partly because our health care system is not structured properly to improve our health.

The biggest reason Medicare for All (M4A) can’t fix the system is the cost. M4A is trying to take on too much. We have a Medicare Trust Fund for 59 million Americans seniors that will be 100% gone by 2026.

We want to extend a “Medicare” program to everyone just as much as our sensible and sincere politicians want to do, but we sincerely believe we have found the “best” way to do it.

If we are going to improve the health of the American people and successfully reduce the cost of health care, we must commit ourselves, as a nation to achieving the lowest National Health Care GDP of any industrialized nation on this planet. In order to do that, we have to change the architecture of our health insurance plans. We need to gear this new architecture toward improving the way we interact with the health plans as insureds and the way the medical profession treats our disease in the United States. Medicare for All will NOT do any of these important, in fact critical things, unless we have the political will to re-design Medicare with the Apollo style Medicare Advantage plan.

Obviously, we need to try something new. In doing so, we should rely upon the programs that are affordable, like Medicare Advantage! Medicare Advantage is ALREADY working for over 22 Million Americans and extending the program to everybody should be a no brainer and our highest national priority.

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