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Does Medicare-Advantage-For-All Really Work?

Throughout this website and our blog, we’ve discussed what Medicare-Advantage-For-All is and the benefits of this program. In fact, it is the third largest (and, perhaps, most successful) federal health insurance program. This program has broad bipartisan support because it is so popular with the broad spectrum of the senior voting bloc. Medicare Advantage effectively delivers economic benefits to the taxpayers and it is a program that works for everybody.

Medicare-Advantage-For-All works because it will be specifically designed to provide health insurance for more people at the lowest possible cost.

Right now, 30 million Americans do not have health insurance, and less than 10 million Americans are on Obamacare or other ACA grandfathered programs). The number of uninsured Americans has increased in the last decade. By 2030, the Congressional Budget Office predicted that the number of uninsured Americans will increase to 35 million.

How can this dysfunctional system be fixed? Well, many democrats are wanting a change to a “Medicare for All” program. Republicans are concerned about the cost of such a program, considering the Medicare Trust Fund is running out of money, as it is. By 2027, Trustees project the Medicare Trust Fund will be 100% gone, BROKE!

The federal government has the ability and the insight to fix the system. The 2020 Democrat presidential candidates have all pledged their support to provide health care to every immigrant illegally crossing the southern border. So, how much more should they be willing to do for the uninsured citizens of the united States?

If our politicians want to fix the health insurance system in the United States, they need to focus on the political reality of this issue. We must not let either political party fail to reform our health insurance system, because we should not have to wait for the next election! The American people are sitting on a health care BOMB! The longer we continue to play partisan politics with the health of the American people, the farther behind we are going to fall as a competitive nation in the world economy. The further down the scale our health status goes, the longer it will take us to fix the things, that we know that we can fix right now!

Both parties agree major changes need to happen to the current healthcare system, and that every American should have access to affordable, quality health care. They also support the Medicare programs for our seniors, including the Medicare Advantage Programs, which need to be protected, preserved and grandfathered.

At Medicare-Advantage-For-All.Com we are True Bipartisan Americans. Health care is not a red states or blue states issue. Health care should NOT divide us as a nation. It should bring us together!

To fix our dysfunctional health care system, we believe all the current legislative bills for extending the traditional Medicare for All Americans will go too far and cost too much. Modifying the ACA will not go far enough. Whereas, the highly successful Medicare Advantage Program, with its broad bipartisan support in Congress, will be just right.


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