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A Push for Cost-Effective Health Insurance from Washington, DC

A great irony in the United States is that the nation is home to some of the best health care available, yet it is not accessible to everyone. As a consequence, public health falters. The sick and underpaid must go without health coverage, increasing their risk of illness and premature death. Those few who can receive assistance may then be subjected to financial ruin due to medical debt.

At Medicare Advantage for All, we are committed to helping the American citizen secure their right to accessible and affordable health care. Our organization promotes cost-effective health insurance in Washington, DC. By expanding the existing Medicare Advantage program to every citizen, the United States can begin reining in the high cost of healthcare.

Medicare Advantage Set the Right Path

One pathway that we can pursue to make healthcare more affordable is to expand Medicare Advantage accessibility. This program has been available to citizens and legal residents aged 65 and over. It allows consumers to enroll in private insurance plans to receive health coverage.

Expanding Medicare Advantage to every citizen will make it easier for people to find health coverage that meets their needs. It can also normalize the costs of health services and medications.

A goal of our organization is to make this program a Trump-led Medicare Advantage Plan. We firmly believe that Medicare Advantage for All is a possibility, but it requires a bipartisan push to succeed. By building on popular programs, we can steer America towards the path to better health.

Contact us to learn more about our cost-effective health insurance initiatives. Our organization is committed to keeping Medicare Advantage a key policy point in Washington, DC.