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During the 2017 August Congressional Recess we hand-delivered our first Document entitled, “The Best Bipartisan Answer to Repeal and Replace Obamacare (July 2017) to Congress. We delivered our Proposal to the leadership and representatives of both parties on both sides of the aisle, who were focused on real solutions to the real problems! This included the Senators in the Finance and the Health (HELP) Sub-Committees. In the House, we delivered the proposal to most of the members in the Budget, Ways & Means and Energy & Commerce Sub-committees, including the Tuesday Group and the Freedom Caucus. Their staff gladly took our Plan Document into their possession for ready reference.

Our proposal hasn't changed much but now it is more exciting.  We have come to the conclusion that greatest chance Americans have of actually lowering the cost of health care is to design a program that will reach all of the Americans who most need health insurance coverage. We believe we will have the greatest success with that effort by using our most successful plan we have to do it with, i.e. Medicare Advantage. We now know that in order to Truly be successful, we as a nation must dedicate ourselves to a common goal of achieving the lowest NHC-GDP of any indusrialized nation of the world. So, what we need to do now is Come Together with a bipartisan coalition to require the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services to propose a Medicare Advantage plan with an integral health and wellness component that we can successfully extend it to all Americans. We need to dedicate ourselves to draging the future of health insurance and health care delivery into our environment today! This is exactly what we did with Apollo 11. When NASA dedicated the nation to going to m the moon and returning safely, we didn't have the technology that ewe need to dhave to make that commitment a reality. What we did was g the technology we were working on for the future, into our present. We need stop wallowing in the past with antiquated Defined Benefit health plans that will never get us where we want to go.

If you go to our Wellness and Well Being Page. You can read about all of the things our innovative medical practioners are doing, all of the things our Academic Medical ceneters are doing and all of the things our HHS Department are doing. All of these things need to be draged into reality now. We have been studying Quality Outcome Physician Reimbursement schemes for years. We have studied thousands of work place Health & Wellness programs that have had successful  returns on investment for years. We have studied the successfull treatements for chronic illness and the benefits of the European style of Predictive Preventive Personal Medicine and the benefits of the Medeterainian diet for years. We have studied enough. We have produced a body of evidence and can confidently conclude that we know what to do and we know how to do it. The only thing we lack is the commitment and the political will.

In 2018 we completed the Cost Comparison you will find under the Finance Learn More Topic and on our "The American People Are Sitting On A Bomb." we have updated this website to appeal to more like-minded Supporters. We have also mailed materials to all of the major Medicare Advantage health insurance carriers. We have updated to our web site for all these interested parties, and done mailings to the White House, HHS, Heritage Foundation and their related work groups, the Conservative Partnership groups, AHIP, the Center for American Progress and the Commonwealth Fund, and other D.C Think Tanks and the media, etc. We have been meeting personally with our local Legislators and we ask for their support for our Proposal. So far, we have received positive feed back from everyone.

We would like you to join us. We have materials you can send to your Legislators. We will make a bound copy of it available or you can download the Proposal and most of our mailings from this web site. We are trying our best to make sure that all the relevant people are aware of our Medicare-Advantage-for-All Proposal, to eliminate any confusion, misunderstanding, and excuses for lacking the information. we want everybody to take note of our Proposal in a responsible manner. These Legislators would of course not intentionally ignore us, but they do tend to listen to people with more power and money. Unfortunately, right now, we have the faith that they will hear of our good works, listen to our truth and respond appropriately. But, without your support, we can not keep this level of activity up!

If you care about the futures health care of our nation, you need to contact your Congressperson and tell them to consider our Medicare Part C – Medicare Advantage for All solution! It is easy to contact your Congressperson by telephone at 1-202-224-3121. We also send them an email, using their CONTACT email formats, which they all have on their web sites. Tell them to visit this web site. Challenge them to tell you why they think Medicare Advantage For All is NOT the best idea yet? Download our Membership application and return it to us Today!


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ONLY YOU can change the course of our health-care history! And, the time to do it is RIGHT NOW! You can help make it happen by calling your Senator and Congressional Representative Today! Please ask all your friends and acquaintances to go to and “LIKE” us on Facebook, Twitter, and Likekind pages. Urge all your friends to help. Please contact everyone you know. Maybe we can create a “Medicare-Spring” right here in the USA, where we can all take the next big step, as True Americans toward a health plan that works for all and of which we can ALL be proud. The Time Has Come “Today”!


We have two opportunities to become Supporters. The first Supporter Opportunity is for American citizens, which include Medicare Advantage constituent subscribers, our politicians, their staffs and anyone, who has an interest in joining our Movement. The second Supporter Opportunity is for organizations, including our insurance carriers, private organizations (that would qualify for group health insurance coverage), businesses and managed care providers. We do not accept any support or contributions from association groups, local and federal governmental organizations, interest groups, lobbyists or philanthropists. Our goal is to be completely down to earth, grassroots political Movement trying to realize this portion of our American Dream and doing it the old fashion way! We have been quite active for the last two years on this issue. We have mailed and hand-delivered materials to every member of the 115th Congress. We also met with FL Representative Francis Rooney and visited the local and national offices of Senators McConnell, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul in both Washington D.C., Florida, and Kentucky. Below is a picture of a Supporter hand delivering materials to FL Governor (Now Senator) Rick Scott's office in 2017.

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Supporter hand-delivering materials to FL Governor (Now Senator) Rick Scott's office in 2017.

It is easy for you to sign up to become a Supporter. Just send us an email with your contact information and tell us whether you would like to be listed as a Supporter on this website or remain confidential. We urge you to send us whatever contribution you can afford. For regular members, we have established a non-refundable annual $25 subscription contribution which can only be paid by personal or corporate check. Free Student, hardship and casual memberships are also accepted. Your subscription includes receipt of new Editions of The True American, notices, and links to new information, studies, and research some of which will be added to this website. We will advise you of any new developments and the Latest Hot News and any special legislative efforts that have an impact on our cause, any additions to our library of pertinent commentary, research, national events and legislation that have an impact on our efforts. We will issue calls for ACTION - as necessary, to contact your congressional representatives and the President when your critical support can make a difference. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for any immediate notices. Working together we will get every American the better health and better health insurance that we deserve. Contact Medicare Advantage For All Consultants to support a practical solution to America’s health care crisis. Our goal is to achieve affordable, comprehensive.

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If you to sign up to become a Supporter, you will receive timely email notices of new information on this website, updating you on documents added to our website, new developments and any hot news and our library of pertinent commentary, new research, national events and legislation that has an impact on our efforts. We will do our best to keep you in touch with what’s happening in health care and what we see as opportunities for the future, without clogging up you're inbox. If you are an Individual Supporter or an Organization Supporter and be sure and tell us if you do, or DO NOT wish to be listed as a Supporter in our communications. Our Supporters names and contact information are completely confidential and will never be released without specific express and prior approval. Please see this Privacy Policy for the complete details.


As a Supporter, you also will receive periodic copies of, “The True American”, which is a publication named after the newspaper published by Cassius Marcellus Clay, former ambassador to Russia under President Abraham Lincoln, who lived in the mansion appearing below which was his residence during his service as Ambassador. The mansion has been preserved by the State of Kentucky and his family. He was related to the famous Senator and orator Senator Henry Clay from Kentucky, whose statue is proudly displayed in the rotunda of our nations Capital Building. In 1845, Cassius M. Clay used the True American to argue unsuccessfully for gradual emancipation. The failure of the American people to “see” his wisdom resulted in the Civil War and the deaths of 1.6 Million Americans. Our failure will usher in a Big Government run national health care system, which Warren Buffet says will," probably be worse" than what we have now. Let's not let a new failure to listen to the True American cause any more deaths. Medicare Advantage For All will save $1.3 Trillion Dollars.

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Occasionally, we may send you an Appeal/Alert for HELP when we need you to voice your support for critical issues in Congress, with the Trump Administration or in the community. The level of your response is completely up top you. Due to our loyal Supporters, we have had some important recent successes with that, including the re-authorization of the CHIP and Community Health Center funding, and in the open advocacy of President Trump for the Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans in his recent Mid-Term election Rallies. But we are non-partisan and we need everyone’s help to continue this success!