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Arthur Jackson Wheeler, CHC. Certified Health Consultant

Our passion is to make Medicare Advantage a program For All Americans. And, we think Trump is the President that can make that happen. We are on a mission to promote "MAKING AMERICA HEALTHY AGAIN". We True Americans deserve the highest quality, truly American health plan for the lowest possible cost. With your support, you will enable us to pass the trump Medicare Advantage Plan to improve the health and financial security of All Americans, ensuring immediate access to the best health care in the world at the lowest possible cost for every single American citizen that wants it. We are particularly concerned about our Country's most vulnerable citizens, including our hard-working low-wage workers and our deserving uninsured, who are most vulnerable, most in need, and who do not have the resources to protect themselves.

We are a Movement for True Americans advocating the continuation and enhancement of traditional Medicare for those residents over the age of 65 and the disabled. Trump is going to be elceted for a second term. During that second term, we would like to see the Medicare Advantage Plans re-engineered, taking advantage of all the things we have learned from our collective experience with Wellness programs, and the Affordable Care Act, coupled with the knowledge and the success of our Medicare Advantage plans, to create comprehensive, exciting, viable, affordable, attractive, truly modern  Defined Contribution Trump Medicare Advantage Health Plans For All Americans (TMA).

This Trump-Medicare-Advantage-For-All. com website furthers our goal by re-publishing articles and research, notices and alerts addressing the efficacy of Medicare-Advantage-For-All and effectively communicating this information to our primary audiences, which include members of Congress, key congressional staff members, the White House, including policymakers in the executive branch, academics, and D.C. think-tanks, policy wonks, the media and our loyal members.

Our Supporters are a diverse group of people (complex and interested - just like you) representing citizens, organizations, businesses, and health care providers and a bipartisan group of politicians in Congress, who Support our Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Part C and its enhancement. We also appreciate the support of many insurance companies, managed care providers and employers that currently deliver more than 2,000 Medicare Advantage plans to 22+ Million MA seniors and disabled beneficiaries every day. And, we enjoy considerable support from the hard-working Americans, who are (or want to be) MA beneficiaries themselves in the future.


You can down-load our Membership Application and complete it with your contact information and send it to us with your financial support or you can complete the Pay Pal Credit card authorization. Tell us whether you would like to be listed as a Supporter on this web site or remain confidential and if we can count on you to be an Advocate. We welcome any level of taxable (non-tax deductible) financial support with which you feel comfortable. Whatever contribution you can afford.


Membership Category

Full Individual Membership, we would like to have a non-refundable annual subscription of $35 Dollars. Individual Members include All Americans that believe have an interest in this causes, including Medicare Advantage beneficiaries, our political supporters, their staffs and anyone who has an interest in joining our Movement.

Full Group Membership we ask for an annual subscription of $100 Dollars. The Group Membership opportunity is for organizations, including our physicians, their staffs, health care providers, community health centers, insurance carriers, any private organizations that qualify for group health insurance, businesses and managed care providers. All contributions of any amount are graciously appreciated, however, we reserve the right to refuse support from any source and we do not accept contributions from local or national governmental organizations or associations and interest groups with competing or conflicting agendas .Our Supporters names and contact information are completely confidential and will never be released without specific express and prior approval. Please see our Privacy Policy for the complete details

The Membership subscription is non-refundable and non-deductible, as we are NOT 501 C 3. We have a partisan agenda and your contribution (which can only be paid by check, debit or credit) will be used to promote this cause. We accept student and hardship Memberships at no charge. Your subscription includes emailed and printed New Editions of "The True American", which is our signature publication. We will keep our members up to date on things that are happening. We will share our communications with Congress and the Administration. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We will send you links to new information, studies, and research as they are added to this website.

We will advise you of any new developments and the latest Hot Health News. We will issue periodic calls for ACTION - as necessary, to contact your congressional representatives and the President when YOUR critical support is needed. Working together we will get every American the Better Health and the Better Health Insurance that we deserve. Our goal is to be a completely down to earth grassroots political Movement just trying to realize this portion of our American Dream the old fashioned way - by earning it. We will do our best to keep you in touch with what’s happening in health care and what we see as opportunities for the future, without clogging up your inbox. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for immediate notifications.

Every Member will receive periodic editions of “The True American”. We have just released our Fifth Edition which is our second mailing to the members of Congress and the key officials in the Trump Administration. The True American is a publication named after the famous newspaper published by Cassius Marcellus Clay, former ambassador to Russia appointed by Abraham Lincoln. Cassius M. Clay was related to the famous KY Senator and orator Henry Clay, whose statue proudly stands in the rotunda of our nation's Capital building. In 1845, in "The True American", Cassius Clay argued unsuccessfully for a gradual emancipation and our failure or the country to listen to his message resulted in the Civil War in which 1.6 Million Americans died. We hope that Americans will listen to our "The True American" as we have the potential to save lives and save the country $1.3 Trillion Dollars in annual National Health Care-GDP. Our goal is to have the United States (help every American) dedicate ourselves to achieving the lowest NHC-GDP of any developed high-income nation by the year 2030.

Occasionally, we may send you an Appeal/Alert for HELP when we need you to voice your support for critical issues in Congress and with the Trump Administration. The level of your response is completely up to you. Due to our loyal Supporters, we have had some important recent successes, including the re-authorization of the CHIP and Community Health Center funding, and in the open advocacy of President Trump for the Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans in his recent Mid-Term election Rallies.

letter from Donald Trump

Medicare-Advantage-For-All.Com is a non-partisan Movement and we recognize that we need everyone’s help to fix the system! However, we were very pleased when President Trump spoke out forcefully in support of Medicare Advantage at the Topeka, Kansas Political Rally, stating they he will not let the Democrats eviscerate our "Medicare Advantage Program", covering 20 Million people or bring an end to our Medicare program." He also raised Medicare Advantage in his Richmond, Kentucky Rally where he quoted the exact number of MA beneficiaries covered in KY. Also, in his November 29, 2018 letter attached he states, “As President, I am committed to providing Americans with more affordable health insurance, access to more choices and quality care.” This has been his position since taking office. He has repeatedly stated his full support for a solution that would be better for All Americans.

But, let's face it, everybody's mad at one another and both political parties are pointing their fingers and the President is caught in the crosshairs. He never ever expected health care would be such a contentious issue and he certainly did not appreciate the insurmountable difficulty Congress would have coming up with a solution. The Republicans in Congress never even talked to one another before voting on the failed Obamacare repeal effort. Senator John McCain put an end to the "skinny repeal" bill, which absolutely everyone hated, and, of course, all of the Democrats voted with him. President Trump is now a much wiser chastened man on this issue and he and his administration supposedly have a "plan" in mind. He has publicly spoken in favor of Medicare Advantage and as far as we are concerned, all we have to do now is show him how to do it and sell both political parties in Congress on just how it can be done! our "Program That Works" page is a good place to start.


Our mission is to get it done. Our goal is to formulate and promote meaningful health policy based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, and traditional American values. We are here to seek the general welfare of the people and working solutions to provide health insurance for the 30 Million Americans without it and the millions more who are struggling with health care issues, including subscribers covered by the Affordable Care Act, straining under the high premiums, discrimination and limitations of coverage. Our employers are increasingly challenged by the tremendous cost of providing health insurance for their employees. Everybody knows it is critical that we have the liberty to buy health insurance plans of our choice and that we can not only reduce the cost but more importantly improve the health of the American people.

We have also been led to the conclusion that a Defined Contribution Medicare Advantage For All Plan with an integral health and wellness component is only the first step. If we are going to reach our goal of having the lowest NHC-GDP of any developed nation in the world, we are going to have to transform the way we are currently treating our illnesses and the way we are paying for it. This plan has a lot of moving parts. We envision a new progressive Apollo Medicare Advantage Plan that rewards the subscribers that are willing to make a contribution to improving and maintaining their health with more coverage, better benefits, lower deductibles and lower premiums. We see this happening by enhancing the health and wellness program with tangible rewards for participation.

We welcome the Support of interested citizens from all walks of life and all employers that believe in their freedom to choose their own employer solutions and organizations that are interested in satisfying the health care needs of the American people. Medicare-Advantage-For-All.Com is committed to reducing the cost of health care for All Americans. We know full well that the American system for delivering health care will not survive unless we make it possible for health care providers to significantly lower the cost of health care, improve its delivery and significantly increase the health and well-being of the American people. Our healthcare system is the best in the world, but the health of our people still suffers too much.

Art canvas


The single-payer advocates are proponents of Baby dirty, throw it out! This Stuart Davis painting visually portrays how we see our health care system in the United States. The painter's description of this "artwork" is illustrative. The "system" is not what we immediately see. When we suffer an illness, we encounter our health care system (as the painting) based on our experience, our feelings, and our ideas. But, the system is constantly evolving, treatments improve, practice patterns change, pharmacology morphs, equipment acuity and outcomes are enhanced. Incredibly complex calculations and interactions are orchestrated in an objective order, like the colors of this painting in differing positions, integrated together in a tapestry of coordinated interrelationships. Yet, the reality of our experience with the system is our total awareness. The new health insurance programs need to move from Defined Benefit plans to Defined Contribution plans with recognizable results with tangible benefits. We used to think that the more the health care system changes, the more it stays the same. And, this was simplistically true when we consistently make the same mistakes. Before the HMO Act medical care was driven by sole practitioners. Today we have Managed Care. Tomorrow we need to have PPPM Contributory Care. We will still experience illness. We need still need relief from our symptoms. We will get that relief only with access and affordability. The system requires just compensation for its operation but it must be transformed to be more efficient and less expensive. When you consider the simplicity of the need and complexity of this system and that of the illnesses it treats and the facility with which almost all of us use it, one cannot but be amazed at what we have created. We must not throw the Baby out with the Bathwater. Go to our Wellness and Well Being and Cost Containment pages to learn how you can create your own life-saving experience in this incredible healthcare system we have in the United States.

This is an exciting time to be a Supporter of our Movement. The forces at work in Washington D.C. are divided. However, it is going to be necessary for Congress and the Administration to address this issue head-on. Working together, we believe we can change the dialogue in Washington D. C. and all around the country. We want our elected officials to recognize and appreciate the considerable areas of common interest and the bipartisan support that they have all shown for Medicare Advantage Plans in the past. We want to constantly remind them that we need and expect their cooperation in the implementation of bipartisan solutions to our long-term health care security. We are a Movement of concerned, informed and dedicated citizens, who believe there is a better way and that by Coming Together the Time Has Come Today to do something about it. Not only that, we want to tactfully remind them that we Vote! We work at the polls and we have the resources to contribute to their campaigns. We are active Change Agents and we aim to make a difference in health care.

Did you know that Medicare Advantage has a proven track record? Did you know that half of all our citizens that age into qualification for Medicare at age 65 choose a Medicare Advantage Plan within their first year of eligibility (with approximately 12,000 people enroll in Medicare Advantage every day)? Did you know that Medicare Advantage Plans have always enjoyed healthy and strong support in Congress? Did you know that 48% of new Medicare Advantage plan beneficiaries are newly eligible for Medicare, and constantly invigorating the Plans with a younger, healthier population? Did you know that the Medicare Handbook, produced by the federal government and distributed annually to all 57 Million Medicare beneficiaries devotes several pages to comparing Medicare Advantage Plans to the Traditional Medicare Plans? Did you know that Medicare Advanatge beneficiaries genral use less health care services than regular traditional Medicare beneficiaries? Did you know that Medicare enrollment is projected to have a 7.2% annual growth rate through 2025? Did you know that in 2019, Medicare Advantage enrollment was 38% of all Medicare beneficiaries (almost 23 Million) and that it is on track to be over 41% in 2026? The MA health plans successfully enrolled 22.6 Million Americans in 2019. Did you know that seniors enrolled in MA are 94% satisfied with their programs and only 2% of enrollees revert back to traditional Medicare? How would you like to be enrolled in such a plan?

We the People are aware of all the challenges we as a nation face to provide and pay for the cost of health care for the American people. And, we are here to say that the Time Has Come Today for Medicare-Advantage-For-All  (Not the Obamacare, and Not the Medicare for All - Defined Benefit Plans) to be the Solution. We stand ready, willing and able to roll up our sleeves and work together to share the vision of Medicare-Advantage-For-All.Com. Please join us. Working together, we can hopefully lead all the interested parties to accept the fact that they do not need to reinvent the wheel. Unless the ACA is found to be unconstitutional, we do not need to repeal the ACA. What we need is go for a Trump Medicare Advantage plan For All.

This solution will be the last and truly, the greatest piece of the American healthcare system mosaic which both political parties should have a burning desire to complete. We are the most prosperous and successful nation on earth. We can lower the cost of health care and provide immediate access to All Americans. Please check out our Learn More Opportunities for Wellness and Well-Being, Cost Containment and Finance for more information. And, Thank you in advance for your Support!

Contact Medicare Advantage For All Consultants to support a practical solution to America’s health care crisis. Our goal is to achieve affordable, comprehensive Medicare coverage for citizens nationwide.