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A Trump Medicare Advantage Plan

Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren speak on a Medicare for All program that will cost us BIG TIME MONEY. The 10-year cost estimate for Sander’s program is $32.6 trillion and Warren estimates her plan will cost $52 trillion.

President Donald Trump, speaking at his Kansas Rally in 2018, claimed that if Congress were to enact the Medicare For All program today, it would “… eviscerate our beautiful Medicare Advantage Program…”

Trump is moving to expand Medicare Advantage. If this goes into legislation, we will begin the healing of our health care system, save lives, lengthen our life spans, and reduce high costs by improving the health and welfare of our people.

Currently, we are being ripped off with our healthcare. Birth rates and life expectancy are markers for the overall health of our nation. And, our babies are dying at a rate 71% higher than comparable nations. Over the last eight years, all Americans between ages 25 and 64 of every income, race and ethnic background have a shorter life span. In short, we desperately need to “Make America Healthy Again” and Donald Trump is the President to do it.

A Trump Medicare Advantage for All plan can deliver comprehensive, cost-effective health insurance for all Americans. Our current Medicare Advantage is a program that works for our seniors and for the U.S. taxpayers. It should be the platform upon which the Democrats and the Republicans are able to build a viable “Medicare for All” program together.

Right now, Democrats and Republicans are not willing to get that job done and we are all suffering as a direct result. We hope that President Trump can make the right decision and put a Medicare Advantage plan in place for all Americans.

Our current Medicare system is running out of money and our businesses cannot successfully compete in world markets at our current level of national health spending! It’s time that “We the People” tell the Senate exactly how they can fix our health care system with a “Trump Program that Really Works”.  Together we can lower the high cost of health care by improving the health of the American people and making our health insurance more affordable.

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