Everybody talks about lowering the high cost of health care in the united states, but nobody talks about improving the health of the American people in the same sentence.
This web site will teach you how we can do both together!

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The Wharton Business School studied the effect that the federal government’s increase in payments to the Medicare Advantage (MA)plans, to determine if the Obamacare cuts to MA plans would have a negative effect on MA “quality.” Congress is planning to cut payments to MA plans and traditional Medicare in order to support the Affordable Care Act. This Wharton study supports the efficacy of the Medicare Advantage program as a solution to the need of the American people for a national health plan that delivers the highest quality of medical care for the lowest possible cost. They found the major impact of increased federal funding was an increase in the competition among the health plans, but not necessarily “better benefits” for MA beneficiaries. When CMS authorized increased payments to MA Plans, one of their goals was to cover more seniors in more areas with more plans, and that is exactly what happened. This study was completed in 2014 and before many of the newer studies which demonstrate improved quality of care, especially for high-risk seniors.
We hope this video gives you a better understanding of what will happen if a Medicare Advantage Plan is extended to All Americans. Obamacare (ACA) was set up to be funded by taking Billions of federal dollars away from Medicare Advantage plans and traditional Medicare. Since we still have a massive problem with 30 Million uninsured Americans, this study is further evidence that the federal government would be better off investing in a Medicare Advantage Program that will work. Perhaps this study was funded by folks hoping to justify federal cuts to MA health plans and Medicare? However, it ended up supporting the fact that increased federal funding actually increased competition among health plans and covered more people in more areas of the country. This study demonstrates to us how a properly designed Medicare Advantage For All program will work better than the ACA or Medicare 4 All in providing low-cost, high-quality health care to the greatest number of Americans!
This website shows you how a properly designed and funded Medicare Advantage Plan would work and why we need YOUR help. At Medicare-Advantage-For-All.Com, we are dedicated to improving the Health and Well Being of every American and reducing the cost of health care for everybody in the United States. We have some very definitive ideas for how we can accomplish this goal using MA programs. Please spend some time visiting this website, become a Supporter, and email us if you have any questions and would like our help in any way.

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Please go to our About Us Page or visit our Become A Supporter Page to learn how to sign up for our grassroots community movement. We need your support to keep this effort going. We have been working for three years, and we believe we have been relatively successful. Our goal is to raise awareness of the Medicare Advantage For All, promote the Apollo Medicare Advantage plan and accomplish meaningful legislation before 2021. We have two opportunities to become Supporters (Individual and Group). The Individual Supporters are Medicare Advantage subscribers, politicians, their staff members, lobbyists, and everyone, who has an interest in supporting the effort and getting more information on the developments in this important grassroots movement. The Group Supporter is a business and organization, including our insurance carriers, managed care organizations, private and political organizations, etc. Any group that would qualify for group health insurance coverage is eligible to join. We do not generally accept contributions from association groups, local, state, and federal governments, interest groups, or any organization with competing or alternative agendas. Our goal is to simply be a down to earth grassroots political Movement, committed to promoting comprehensive, affordable health insurance for All Americans, as an important part of our American Dream. We believe in doing it the old fashion way - by Earning it - with our loyalty to our members!


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Contact: Medicare Advantage For All members support a practical solution to America’s health care crisis. Our goal is to achieve affordable, comprehensive Medicare coverage for All Americans nationwide.